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Submit to FacebookSubmit to Google PlusSubmit to StumbleuponSubmit to TwitterSubmit to LinkedIn is a site dedicated to the birth of new music.

If you're looking to form a band, just register a few details ('Create An Account') and go to the 'Map' page to start searching for other members.

If you're looking for a producer or song-writing partner, it's the same process.


Once you're registered you can contact, or be contacted by other members; Seek advice from other users on the forums; Buy and sell equipment; Advertise gigs or releases.


This is, simply put, the ultimate social-networking site for ambitious musicians, and the best thing is it's totally free. How many other sites can offer free registration and the ability to search for other musicians by genre, location, skills and influences? So don't waste time, put your name on the map.

A Word From Our Chairman

We at are commited to making your experience of the site everything you hoped it would be.

Please feel free to email us with any suggestions for improvements you think would be a benefit to members of this site.

This is for you.

This is your website
 It’s totally free to join and to use.
Please tell others about it on social media or word of mouth. Any way you can get the word out there would be helpfull to all users of the site, as the more people that join, the more opportunities there are for people to connect and make new music, which is the only reason this site exists.
So join, spread the word and make some music.

Contact Us 

General Enquiries: ..........

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     "It is a matter of finding yourself

     in possession of the one vital facet

     that the other lacks, but needs."





The Forums


Feel free to use these pages to discuss playing and recording techniques, seek advice, buy and sell equipment, or start up general music conversations.

The forums are mostly self-governing. I haven't set up an endless list of rules for users to abide by, but please play nice.

 Find new band-members/collaborators/producers/friends either by roaming the map, or by clicking on

'Advanced Search' and narrowing it down to instrument, location, influences or genre.

 Access to registered users only.


Please Note: If you don't immediately appear on the map following completed registration, please look

at the format of your Zip/Postcode. In some cases, if the Zip/Postcode isn't being accepted, putting the

City in will work.

If you still have a problem, email me direct at